Aquator ultrafiltration

Water is the foundation for life! The population on Earth is growing and water consumption per person has more than doupled during the last 100 years. Oceans cover about 2 thirds of the planet earth, but only about 2,5 % of total water is clean and safe to use without any treatment.

Aquator Oy has developed an unique ultrafiltration systems for the demand of clean and safe water. The technology is based on the special hydrofilic membranes that rejects all the particles, bacteria and viruses greater than 0.02 microns. The clean filtrate from the system is extremely high quality water for the uses of municipals and industrial applications.

After the pretreatment, water is filtered by PES (polyethersulfone) hollow fibres. These special fibres have high hydrophilicity and efficient backwash properties, so every Aquator filtration plant can be operated by minimal energy consumption and low operation and maintenance costs.


  • Municipal Drinking water production
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Sterile and microbiologically safe water
  • Dairy industry: Sterile and microbiologically safe water
  • Prefiltration of the Reverese Osmosis
  • Power Plants: Flue gas Condensate filtration and reverse-osmosis prefiltration
  • Waste Water tertiary treatment and filtratio